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Lehavre Allmercup pre start

Tomorrow is the start of the Lehavre Allmercup. having being here for a week, preparing and training the boat is in fine shape for the start tomorrow.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for the skipper, having captured some form of stomach bug Alan has been taken out for the past 24 hours.

Although less than ideal, there are still 17 hours before the start. So rest will be the top priority.

The race is looking like a medium- light winds race that is upwind to Plymouth (leaving Guernsey to stbd on the way west and then back to Ie Havre via needles fairway. The 401mile course is expected to take just over 3 days.

The main points in the race likely to be the tide around the channel Islands where the fleet will be ducking in to the rocks at midnight to avoid the current!

Track the race online with yellow brick :

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