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Covid 19, Back to France

What a weird, ever changing, crazy and wonderful world we live in full of surprises. Who would have predicted the first half of the year turning out the way it did!

I went from arriving at the pontoons to start the first race of my season down in Vendee (France) to within 48hrs being on the last passenger ferry out of France back to the UK. For me it has been an interesting experience, the lock down period, I have not spent this much time in the same place for 7 years, seeing the seasons change inland, and around other people!!

2019 SMQ... what i was expecting to be doing on the 18th March 2020

what I was actually doing on he night of the 18th... the last ferry out of France! that was close!

Every change presents opportunities, for me it has been to focus on myself, fitness, health and rest. As well as picking up my design and naval architecture work, designing and building in the workshop reinforcing areas I haven not worked on for a while. It was also great to remain in regular contact with all the sponsors and be able to continue to generate publicity, promote, do talks and give feedback.

Now I am back in France, having made the Long drive to the Euro tunnel and across to port la foret I am now back in the water and ready for some sailing and training. The schedule is evolving and the program building up. attached you will find the latest provisional calendar and timings for the coming months. It is going to be pretty busy and compact with 5 potential races over the next 4 months. The races are such a great way to progress and develop so we will be working hard to take the most out of every opportunity with controlled debriefs and plannings.

Communication is going to be key for us over the coming months, with most other events canceled or postponed there is quite a big gap that needs filling.

The next two weeks will be about easing back into sailing, staying injury free and picking back up the routines , muscle memory and habits onboard the boat before going into races prep, races and final boat preparations.

It is going to be an interesting couple of years, and I am now full steam ahead back into the 2020 season, time to work hard and have some fun! Hopfuly racing soon, more updates to follow in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

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