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Join Alan's Team

Alan is seeking to form partnerships with Sponsors, to join him on the journey to the Vendee Globe.

Alan appreciates the fundamental need for Sponsors to get adequate returns, and is looking to work with individuals and companies to tailor the package so that all parties get maximum benefits from the relationship, be it media coverage, B2B, internal communications or support for a cause.

Contact us for more information via the contacts page.


Alan Roberts Racing
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So why Sponsor the project?
There are multiple advantages and a tailored package can be put together to fit your exact needs.
Some of the areas that are of great benefit are;


Naming rights

Product and Service Promotion
Be part of the Season Build Up
Hospitality events
Corporate days, B2B, Networking opportunities
Race opportunities

Motivational Talks
Internal company communication and motivation

Offshore sailing is one of the largest growing sectors in sports sponsorship.

The Vendee Globe provides a huge return for sponsorship in the build up and through out the race its self. Here are some of the stats;

373.2M EUR Advertising-value
190  territories reached
129 TV/ digital channels
2.1 Billion households reached
115.6 M website visits
1.5 M visitors to the event village (2016)

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