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None sailing side (looking forward to getting back out)

Figaro med kit.jpg

While the boat has been tucked away in the nice warm shed at PL Yachting receiving a fresh new bottom job in preparation for the race season I have been busy focusing on the other side of the campaign- off the water side. This has included meetings with current and potential sponsors, entry to events, preparing the boat for the strict one design measurement rules, ordering of sails, bits of boat work that normally are at the bottom of the priority list (like emergency jib luff soft shackles , under hatch gap fillers to stop rope catching) and trying to get to the bottom of my mystery electrical problems.

Now the boat is out of the shed and after a late night delivery she is back in Lorient with reunited with her mast that had to be removed in Lorient due to the crane been out of action in Port La Foret which made for a painful motor up in bitterly cold conditions in to a 35 knt head wind luckily a more pleasant return journey (although I am not fooled it most defiantly is not summer yet!!)

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