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3rd in Etap 3 - its getting interesting

What a leg! Alan crossed the line in 3rd place after a nail biting leg! Completing it in 4 days, 00 hours, 14 minutes, 00 seconds, securing his place on the podium and first Vivi.

Alan started well in 5th place, making gains the on the reach to the British coast. Once rounding South Pullar, not far from Alan’s home club of Hayling Island SC (HISC), Alan pulled his 5th place start into the lead, this lead was lost as the wind shifted and the change in tide compacted the fleet. Once at Lands End Alan had lost out on his position, now sitting in 20th, due to a number of the fleet round to the south of the near by exclusion zone and coming out just in front.

Alan then lost out again, this time due to boats around him hugging the coat, taking advantage of the changing tide and higher winds, by time the fleet reached the Saint Gowan Alan was down in 28th. But all was not lost! Once they rounded and got their code zeros up Alan sailed beautifully, squeezing every bit of boat speed out that he could before the wind turned into the nose. Once they’d made the long streach to the Isles of Scilly Alan had made it back up to 4th with less than 1 miles between himself and 9th. The fleet split on the approach to the finish, some going more south with the rest picking the most direct northern line, Alan stayed north with the boats around him.

This looked promising as until the final 20 miles when Charlotte Yven, who was in the southern bunch, and Xavier Macaire came down with great speed. They traded positions a few times before Alan poked his nose out in front to claim 3rd place and 3rd Vivi! An amazing result on a very close but entertaining leg!


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