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Arrival in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is situated on the river Garonne a little further down the river there is a small town call Paulliac, this is where the boats have all congregated over the last coupl of days in preperation for the grnad arrival in to bordeaux all at the same time.

Yestaday All the figaros left Paulliac in convoy behind the Belen, a 51meter,119 year old, 3 masted square rigger cargo ship.

With clear skyes and bright sunshine we sailed Under main up the river towards Bordeaux, as we approched the final stretch night fell.. and with colored lights straped on the decks of all the figaro an array of red , blue green and white lights could be ssen luminating all the main sails of the boats heading up the river.

The final aproch we passed under Pont Chaban Delmas lifting bridge as the first boats passed under the bridge every light in the city turned on , music blared from a large ship that had joind the foat just ahed of the Belem and fire works erupted in they sky, the final 3K of water front was lined with people (40 thousend or so) had come to see the Figaros aproach. This was an unreal experiance as we passed 10 meters from the shore the crouds were cheering and waving calling out in suport of the boats and skipers.

This final aporcach lasted just over an hour and it was by far the bigget turn out I have ever seen for a sailing event in my life with the most theatrics!

It is great to see such a healthy suport for sailing here in france and it was really eye opening as to how big the Figaro is to the French.

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