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Final countdown..

Now in the final countdown to The start of the Figaro Eric Bompard cashmere. Everyone is exited after been docked up in Bordeaux for the past 8 days.

Personal preparations have been going well with my sleep patterns has evolved over the past few days from a singular 8 hour sleep to a biphasic and in to Poly phaseic sleep pattern in preparation for leg one and in an attempt to get my body used to been more efficient over a smaller sleep period. Having dined well for the week , lots of steak and vegetables I started to snack a lot more and carbo loading in an attempt to build up some energy reserves. Lots of water has been taken on board to ensure I start the race fully hydrated allowing me to be fully focused and energetic!

The fine vessel magma structures is also in great shape having passed through Jauge ( measurement) and ticking of the final small jobs throughout the week, she is now clean , loaded with food and water and ready to race.

As for the course , It's looking like a tough one, forecast had been changing quite a bit over the past few days but starting to settle now.

Looks like a low pressure off Ireland and one over Spain. A couple of ridges passing over with some significant wind changes making for some very interesting racing. See attached a picture of some routing ideas crossing the bay of Biscay to give you an idea of the ranges between forecasts.

Track the race on the website :…/s02_c…/s02p08_cartographie.php…

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