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First stage at Pole Finistere Course au Large

First week of on the water training done!

It been an interesting week training with my new training group up at Pole Finistaire at port la foret.

With 9 boats out for the first stage and everyone teeming up to sail double handed (in preparation for the AG2R double handed transatlantic race that departs in April this year) I had the pleasure of teaming up with previous Solitaire du Figaro winner Nicolas Lunven apart from been an extremely talented offshore sailor he is one of... the calmest and nicest guys in the fleet.

With the English - French language barrier on board (me speaking in French and Nicolas speaking English) we got off to a good start.

The format of training been a series of short costal races around the bay and inside the Galenanes.

The first 2 days saw us sailing in a good 25-30knts on day one followed by 30-40knts on day Two blowing strong from the West. A great baptism of fire getting stuck straight in to it with no messing about. and on the 3rd day, light winds and sunshine sailing in jeans and tee-shirt.

We seemed to have good boat speed and sailing well.

Areas to work on at the moment are the manoeuvres ,Reaching and decision making in terms of sail selection for next leg.

At the end of the 6 race training session we came out in first place, a great start but a lot to work on and improve!

Looking forward to next weeks training session.

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