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Solo Normandie

It is the 3rd race of the season. Starting at Grandville, we will yacht around some of the most tidal waters in the world, heading around the Cherbourg peninsular then finishing in Le Harve.

With the forecast showing northerly winds, this will be a predominantly upwind race for 2 days, with tactical decisions governed by tidal timings.

The ambition to win the race and push to get out the tide versus the risk of hitting the rocks after a day of no sleep just before the Solitaire du Figaro will be another factor on my mind.

15 Figarists have assembled to compete in the race, the runners for the course are most likely to be;

Alex Loison (his first single handed race of the year) he will be keen to show what he can do in his local waters and how well he knows this stretch of complicated rock hopping coastline.

Damien Cloarec who finished 3rd in the Matrie CoQ, laid back and cool with years of mini and class 40 experience, he is sailing solidly.

Will Harris - having started Figaro the same year as me, but sailing part time in the UK, he seems straight on the pace this year and hungry to show he can be competitive.

Robin Elesy- top rooky in 2015, back in the same boat as last year, and having also just completed the double handed Transatlantic AG2R race, he will be trying to remember to sail single handed around the rocks.

I am personally feeling good going into this race. After having two terrible starts to the previous offshore courses, I will be trying to get off to a better start this time. Also using this a great opportunity to test and play with pushing myself at the boat before the Solitaire du Figaro.

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