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Allmer cup- Solo LeHarve

The final event before the Solitaire Bompard du Figaro ,Allmer cup- Solo LeHarve starts tomorrow.

A combination of windward leeward's, costal races and one large offshore race, with varying coefficients depending on race length.

Windward leeward's

Coeff :1

Time: 1h 30min- 1 hour 40 mins

Costal races

Coeff : 2

Lenght 20-40 miles

Big race

Coeff: 3

120 miles

With 6 days of racing and 22 competitors this promises to be a fast paced and tough event, perfect for honing the manoeuvres, starting and boat on boat tactics before the Solitaire Bompard du Figaro that starts in 4 weeks time.

Having had fairly average (to say the least) starts in the events this year, I will be really looking to get off the line well and not have to fight my way up through the fleet.

Unfortunately my new sails were not ready for this event meaning i am on my old 2015 sails that I have bee using all season , making it painful to see the other boats all pulling out their new rags for the event. this does mean that I will have to sail smarter than them to beat them as they will have a slight speed advantage in the lighter winds. on the plus side, I will have another gear to bring with me to the Solitaire Bompard du Figaro.

Who to watch in brief;

Either of the Macif Boats, both Charlie and Yoann will be good at this type of racing and fast as ever.

Generalli, Nicolas Lunven previous winner of the Solitaire, and having finised the AG2R he back and will be fast as ever.

Gildas Morvan, winner of the 2014 edition of this event.

Erwin Taberly- a fast sailor in a fast boat (Yan Ellies Figaro winning boat) back from winning the AG2R

Nick Cherry -on of the strongest inshore racers

Alex Loison - 2nd in championship of France last year and recent winner of the Solo Normandie, he seems to be unrivaled in down wind speed.

It could be any ones regatta, with current and local land effects been key and by the looks of things becoming more so after Wednesday , as the wind is forecast to moderate towards the end of the week.

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