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2018 Solitaire du Figaro Course Anounced

A really intresting Course for the 2018 solitaire , Unfortunatly there will be no UK stop over but we will do a fly by past the south coast on Leg 1.

Breif discription of legs;

Leg 1

With two channel crossings, the south coast of England from East of the IOW to Wolf Rock and the Northern Britany coast line there will be plenty of tide, headlands and local effects on leg one with the possibility of tidal gates coming in to play.

Leg 2

An offshore leg with the crossing of the Bay of Biscay finishing up around cap Finistaire of Spain can be extremely light winds if we arrive at night time. This will involve reading and playing the weather systems across the bay.

Leg 3

The inverse of Leg 3, there will be potentially a tricky start with thermal winds along the Spanish coast before the crossing of the Bay of Biscay where the game will become open to play the weather systems. The leg ends with a sail inside of some of the islands off the French coast that can often have tricky and interesting wind and tidal effects.

Leg 4

This is the sprint, a final leg of 24 hours shortly after arriving from leg 3, with all the boats in close contact this will be a real test of endurance.

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