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Second place for Alan Roberts in Solo Guy Cotten Concarneau

The 44th edition of the Solo Guy Cotten was won by Pierre Quiroga (Skipper Macif 2019) ahead of Alan Roberts (Seacat Services) and Anthony Marchand (Royer Group – Secours Populaire).

This last event before the Solitaire du Figaro, which finished on Saturday, allowed the 31 figarists involved to face each other one last time in real conditions.

Roberts said of his second place finish . . . “It’s hot and I’m tired! The course was really interesting and we were lucky at the end. I’m delighted to finish second, it’s great for me but I think everyone had the opportunity to get a result at some point.”

“There were several phases of the race, and it’s a great training for the Solitaire. I am confident but I still have a few parameters to work on for the solo. Thanks to Concarneau, Guy Cotten and to the organizers for the good performance of this event.”

Other British finishers: 9th Jack Boutell, 22nd Phil Sharp, 23rd Sam Goodchild and Ireland’s Tom Dolan 14th.

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