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ARC - Transatlantic

Transat done!

It's been an awesome experience to spend 18 days at sea aboard Rush and cross the Atlantic ocean in the

For me it was very different from my day to day sailing on the Figaro and IMOCA 60 with very different objectives.

I have learnt so much from this trip; the weather, longer passages at sea and cruising with others. My appreciation of the Ocean, sailing and the planet has changed just by changing the way in which I have looked at it, dealt with scenarios and engaged.

One new area for me was fishing at sea, this was amazing and added a whole new dimension, needless to say eating beautifully fresh fish at sea can not be beaten.

We had a wide range of conditions from no wind to large squalls, constant lighting and electrical activity/ show for 48 hours, beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

We made it through the entire wardrobe of sails and learned a huge amount about the Pogo 12.50 and her performance. Needless to say she's a great little boat and perfect for this type of sailing.

Great effort by the full crew, Ian, Nia, Louise, Summer Baylis & Hannah Morris.

The rhum tastes good at the end , especially after passing another covid test (after 18days at sea and a negative test just before leaving you would be a little worried to have caught covid)


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