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A busy day, two days before the start of Leg 1

Two days before leg one of la Solitaire du Figaro Eric Bombard Cashmere was a busy one, starting off with talking to a school class for an hour which would be challenging enough in English let alone in French. daunting as it was it turned out to be quite fun and a great chance to talk French with the class coming up with some very good and detailed questions...and shocked at some of the answers.

After a bit of boat work, shopping for the final snacks and water for the race , lunch and weather briefing it was then time for the finals of the expedition runs which lasted just over an hour running up and down the shore line with 7 other figaros.

It was straight off the water in to an live radio interview for le Journal de la Solitaire! accompanied by Yohan Richommen (Masif 2014) and Gilles Chiorri (the race director) again another test for my French. a few questions answered ; how i have trained for the solitaire, what are my objectives for the race and what the race means to me...

With very little time between appointments I was then on my way to the new Bordeaux fc stadium for the official soirée.

A busy day all in all and I am certainly looking forward to getting started on leg one on Sunday!!

Today there is a small prologue time run and then the delivery to Paulliac (where the race will be started.

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