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Back out at it 2021

It's definitely winter the double hat confirms that!

It's great to be back and reunited with Deep Thought (our Figaro 3), she hasn't seen the water since arriving back in the UK after the La Solitaire du Figaro . She has been sat well guarded and looked after at the Medina boat yard by Lightening and Bingo!

It has been a busy period for me, with lots of sailing on Hugo Boss ahead of the Vendee globe, to help Alex in his final preparations. (Who unfortunately had to retire from the race with damage). It was fantastic to rejoin the boss crew and push the boat and continue to develop an understanding of how to make these beasts go, as well as an amazing insight to a great campaign and sailors.

My other great adventure was with my sponsor and family sailing down from Portugal and across the Atlantic ocean in a very different type of boat - a Pogo 12.50.

I have learnt so much from these two opportunities and the numerous people I have been lucky enough to have sailed with. I feel re-energized and ready to apply what I have learnt back to the Figaro for the 21 season.

I am in a very lucky position to be able to get out on the water and continue my training. Now is not an easy period but what ever situation you are in, remember;

It will pass,

And no matter how bad it is there is always someone worse off than you.

A great quote from Winston Churchill comes to mind - "If you going through hell, keep going"


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