Championship of France Prise Giving

It has been an honour to be presented the prise for 9th place finish in the championship of France 2015 a combination of results through out the year in the Figaro class.

Its been a great year, having learnt a huge amount about offshore racing, how to run a sailing campaign and manage myself.

I am toughly looking forward to going in to the next season with a good base of knowledge with the hope of leaning and solidifying my understanding.

A masive thanks to every one who has helped me achive my goals this seasson, all the sponsors and supporters. The journay down the road is just beginning and the route looks exiting ahead.

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Alan Roberts is a professional sailor who has sailed a variety of dinghy classes, sports boats and keel boats where he has gained a reputation for being a hard worker with a very focussed, methodical mind-set.

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